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Faster CTU triggering but slower PWM

Question asked by Sagar Dhavali on Nov 2, 2018
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"In our motor control application, we do have PWM triggering CTU and CTU initiating ADC conversions. Since PWM frequency is 10KHz, it drives the CTU interrupt at every 100us." This loosely follows: Example MPC5744P FlexPWM CTU ADC synchronization GHS614 


This was okay until now but one of our interface (Encoder) is being changed and new one is faster by 5x.


To be Changed:

Since the new encoder is faster, I will need to read the ADCs (Encoder inputs) at every 20us instead of original 100us, keeping PWMs at same 10KHz.



How do I trigger CTU and ADCs conversions at every 20us and keep PWMs at the same old rate? Also how do I achieve the synchronization among CTU, ADC and PWMs?


Thanks in advance.

- Sagar