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Bootloader_s32K how it works for S32K144

Question asked by Mohan kumar on Nov 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by Jiri Kral


Can I get any guide to understand the working scenario of boot loader example.




I am designing and implementing the boot loader, primary responsibility of boot loader will be to update MCU firmware to flash memory.


Boot loader shall be receiving MCU firmware binary(segregated into 'X' parts ) sequentially over UART from teraterm/putty.


I don't have prior experience of writing boot loader. Any guide would be very much helpful to me.


I have gone through flash_partitioning_s32k144 example and comfortable in reusing it for flash programming.


Also please suggest which format of binary is good to consider, i.e srec,hex,bin,..... ?