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MPC5777C injection ecc ram error

Question asked by Maurizio Greco on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2020 by David Tosenovjan

Hi all

I would like introduce a unit test to check if ERM is able to get PRAMAC_0 uncorrectable errors.

I m using the EIM module but I found this kind of problem:

a) EIM is not able to inject a error only on one specific read access, so after having set EIM.EICHEN.R= 0x80000000

    and EIM,EIMCR.R=1 i think all access on RAM managed by PRAMAC_0 is "wrong".

b) The result of a) , from point of view of my set-up, is that also into IVOR exeception somethings is wrong and system will go into IVOR13 LOOP call (we are using MMU and we are working at lauterbach) 


I also tried to remove EIM.EIMCR.R enable with this :

.align 4
.globl EXCP_Iv12_Hnd
e_b exception_IVOR_12


.align 4
.globl EXCP_Iv13_Hnd
e_bl EIMCR_Reset
e_b exception_IVOR_13


.align 4
.globl EXCP_Iv14_Hnd
e_b exception_IVOR_14

.align 4
.globl EXCP_Iv15_Hnd
e_b exception_IVOR_15



I know that is not a real case! But I would like to have a test set-up where observe and trace what can do in a "possibile" fault reaction 


I think that EIM has introduced a general error on MMU managememt. How is it possibile insert Uncorrectable Errors into RAM but only into single location? 

I would like found a "similar" test condition how can be realized for testing ECC EDC flash using UTEST area!

Is possible?

Do you have a suggest?

Regards and thanks to all!