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MPC5777C update DCF record

Question asked by Markus Fischer on Oct 15, 2018
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I'm using S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture and the PE-Micro Debugger Tool (Multilink Universal FX).

For my board i need the external clock source from EXTAL pin. So I want to change this setting in the

UTEST Miscellaneous record.


I setup my toolchain like in this howto. 


The DCF Startrecord is 0x00400300 and the next free is 0x00400308 from manual and memory view.

Flash-script: NXP_MPC5777C_1x32x4k_UTest.pcp


For my SRecord i use this Excel sheet:


This is my S32 record:    



If i try to debug, i get no error message, but the Memory is not filles with my data.


But if i use the Flash button, to Flash the new created configuration i get the following error message:



Command is inactive for this .PCP file.

Error Erasing flash of device

Error occured during Flash programming.




Error during Flash programming. Terminating debug session.


I found this error always in this thread, but i don't have the Lauterbach Debugging tool, to use this solution. 


Is there any other possible solution or fixit for this issue?