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ENET: ENET 1588 channel 2 event capture mode not functional

Question asked by rickman Rick on Sep 11, 2018



We are using ENET: ENET 1588 channel 2 event capture mode, and related pins for IEEE1588 Timer function. 

We would like to use the "PPS Output Capability fo the NXP iMX6 processor IEEE1588 hardware block. In the NXP processor hardware reference manual (Section 23.6.10 - IEEE1588 operation I believe) it mentions about adjustable output timer registers but doesn't seem to directly reference which EVENTx_Output pins that signal can be on. We have LinuxPTP running and have the PTP working probably on our Debian build w/ Hardware Timestamping but we are looking a method to generate a timed signal based on the IEEE1588 hardware inside the processor.


Can you please clarify/check to see if the PPS (or the adjustable width timer - whatever they call it) output signal is available on all of the EVENTx_OUTPUT pins or if it is only available on EVENT0_OUTPUT as referenced in the NXP forum below. We'd like to know because on the DART-MX6 we are using, EVENT0_OUTPUT is not brought out to any SOM connector and therefore unusable. We didn't know if you have contacts at NXP that may know the answer as well.


Please reference the NXP community forum response @ for more info.


Also we went through the Errata notes,  due to our HW limitation we have to use EVENT2 IN and OUT. But Errata says workaround to use EVENT0/EVENT1. 


Could you please share the details how to use EVENT0/EVENT1?