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Problems porting an 8.2 project to 8.3

Question asked by Alberto Garlassi on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2018 by ZhangJennie

Hello, we have have a product that was developed with a registered 8.2 CW. 

We need to modify the code and since the original development PC is quite old, we tried to install the free 8.3 Special Edition. No error during compilation, but we are having big troubles with the IntFLASH Processor Expert component, the SetWordFlash function corrupts the flash memory.

The GetTxComplete function of AsynchroSerial does not work too, but we where able to get away without using it.

A quick test with 11.0 gave many compiler errors, so I guess it's not an option.

What is our best option?

- Is 8.2 available anymore? A free version of it would solve all of our troubles.

-Is it still possible to move our licence from the old PC to a virtual machine in a new PC?

-Does it make sense to try to solve the 8.3 Pracessor Expert Flash issue?


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Alberto Garlassi