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LPC824, I2C1 issue

Question asked by Scott Bates on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by Miguel Mendoza

Hi, I am using an LPC824 and would like to use I2C functionality. I started with the "Example_I2C_MasterSlave" example. This uses I2C0 on pins P0_10 and P0_11. I modified the code a little bit, and it worked beautifully. I then tried to switch to I2C1 on pins P0_25 and P0_26. The code is the same except that I am referencing LPC_I2C1 instead of LPC_I2C0. It now seems that the interrupt is not firing and the LPC_I2C1->STAT pending bit never gets set. I have fiddled with the code and poured over the manual but have found no hint as to what might be wrong. I did find someone else having a similar problem (Problem Using all I2C Ports on LPC824 ) but the solution ("Had to drop the LPC824 MAX board driver library") is cryptic and I don't understand it. I am using the LPCXpresso IDE along with the LPC824 demo board. Any help would be greatly appreciated.