Mark Bryant

FSL_LIN_2.x_STACK_4.5.9 Issue with Param Request

Discussion created by Mark Bryant on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by Mark Bryant

We are running this version of the LIN stack on a Kinetis K64 as the master node.  The issue is this:

1. Perform a parameter request.

2. MID 0x3C and request info is sent correctly.

3. MID 0x3D is sent by the master, and the slave doesn't respond (we are doing this as a test case).

4. We switch to another master table.

5. As this table runs, we see 0x3C/0x3D messages interspersed with messages from the current table.


Perhaps we are not performing the request properly.  The example code in SL_LIN_2.x_STACK_4.5.9 is difficult to follow in terms of performing a 0x3C parameter request.  Does anyone have a simple example of performing a parameter request by ID?  And, has anyone seen this behavior?