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Add emWin to an existing project

Question asked by Luca Lavecchia on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by Luca Lavecchia

Hi community,

I'm currently working on a custom board based on the MCB-4300 (LPC4357), my project (IDE: MCUXpresso) works and I'm able to pilot an external TFT display (using the available LDC controller) drawing lines, string, images, etc.

Now I'd like to improve my UI and I read about the EmWin but I've no idea how to include it within my project.

Reading this article Adding emWin do LPC project and C++ application I thought to have found the solution but, there isn't any emWin project to import within the LPCOpen package for Keil MCB 4357!

I even followed the two guides AN11244 and AN11218 but these didn't solve my doubts.

Could anyone provide a clear step by step guide?