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Porting FatFs to LPC5411 with SPI throws a FR_NO_FILESYSTEM error?

Question asked by Ronan O'Driscoll on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

I have been following the tutorial attached below for setting up the LPC5411 with an SD card. I was able to write and read to the SD card as a basic data logger, but I haven't got the FAT file system working. 


I m now stuck on an issue which involves executing the f_open() function. Its fails after returning the FR_NO_FILESYSTEM (no valid FAT volume) error. I tried formating the SD card in a number of variations of the FATFS but to no luck. Looking deeper into this problem, it seems as though the issue is caused when checking the boot record signature in the ff.c file. eg    if(ld_word(fs->win + BS_55AA) != 0xAA55) return 3;


When the boot record signature does not result with the value 0xAA55 it returns a 3 which in turn results in the no valid FAT volume error (FR_NO_FILESYSTEM ). 


Does anybody know if the architecture of the LPC5411 is little endian or big endian? I couldnt find this on the datasheet. Reading the elm chan blog there is information about the FATFS being little endian and the need for conversion if using big endian architecture.



Porting FatFs file system to KL26 SPI SD card code