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Is the TWR-KM34Z50MV3 board still supported?

Question asked by Clifton Shak on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Rufus Smith

Is the TWR-KM34Z50MV3 board still supported?  The files described in the Quick Start Guide included with the board don't seem to exist.  My company wants to use a KM3x series chip in a new design and we want to get started as quickly as possible.


Trying to figure out how to develop software for this chip has resulted in a mass of confusion. Some research revealed that this was a Freescale chip that was acquired by NXP.  So which development tools to use?  MCUXpresso IDE or Codewarrior?  MCUXpresso SDK or Kinetis Design Studio?  Where can I find some sample code for the board to get me over the learning hump for a new system.  I found a demo file but it looks like it is setup to run on Codewarrior. Where is the OpenSDA Tower Toolkit referred to in the Quick Start Guide?


Should we be using a chip that has current support?