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Problem to synchronize ADC and PWM using PDB

Question asked by Pedro Correa de Castro on May 16, 2018
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I am developing a bldc motor control using S32K14 and the motor control toolbox rev3.0. In order to read ADC I am trying to use the PDB module to synchronize with the PWM. Below there are some screenshots to show you the configuration. The program compiles and it is uploaded to the board, but them it does not start and I cannot connect to freemaster as soon as the code is uploaded so I am not able to debug it.  Running in open loop is fine.


This is the first page of the model where I do all initialization


The ADC Config block.


A interesting point that I don't it helps is that when a change the conversion trigger select to Software, the program runs and I can connect to freemaster. Obviously the ADC reading does not work properly.



The PDB Block



The Sensors Block


The PDB ISR Block


The PWM Block



I have also done the hotfix for the rev3.0 but nothing changes. Could someone help me with this issue??

Thanks in advance