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Using USB-KW019032 on Test Tool Protocol Analyzer

Question asked by Luis Zavargo on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by Estephania Martinez

Dear all 

While looking for a sniffer solution for ZigBee Sub-1 GHz band, I found USB-KW019032 as a very interesting option. I am about to buy it. According to the product web page,, the corresponding sniffer software is Test Tool / Protocol Analyzer.

I have downloaded Test Tool from NXP website and open the user manual to understand the sniffer features. And I got surprised when I read on the User Manual (section 6.2) that the compatible hardware for Protocol Analyzer does not include USB-KW019032. I think it is some piece of missing information. In fact, I can see that Test Tool includes the firmware USB KW01 sniffer.

Besides, previously, I had some issues with the downloaded version of Test Tool to save traces captured with an USB-KW24 device. We solved the issue by using the test tool included in the BeeKit package, not the Test Tool standalone package that can be downloaded from the website. As the Test Tool included in the BeeKit package does not include sniffer firmware for USB-KW01, I am worried that maybe the Test Tool included in BeeKit does not work with USB-KW019032 or maybe Test Tool is not able to save traces captured with USB-KW019032.

So my question is: has anybody used USB-KW019032 as a sniffer using Test Tool and has been able to save the captured packets? In that case, which version of Test Tool and OS have you used?


Thank you very much for your collaboration and best regards