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HCS12, S12X programming speed.

Question asked by Eric_t d on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by shuigen li

I am using mc9s12xdt512 and mc9sxeq512 controllers.

All of them have 16MHz crystal and xdt512 has PLL filter for 40MHz bus frequency
Compiler, codewarrior 5.2
Debugger, multilink universal and multilink FX.

Windows 10 PC.

I have an issue with the programming speed.


For mc9s12xdt512:
The programming speed with 16MHz crystal is 16KB per second.
I have replaced crystal with 29MHz and the programming speed increased from 16KB per second to 21KB per second.
So it seems, the internal bus frequency specifies the programming speed.
Does anyone know, if there is there is a way to activate the PLL during programming, so I can have crystal 16MHz, 40MHz bus frequency, and better programming speed? 


For mc9sxeq512.
The programming speed with 16MHz crystal is only 9KB per second.

The programming time of the whole 512KB of firmware, takes ages, making debugging a very painful procedure.
Does anyone if there is a way to improve the programming speed.



Thank you