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The FlexCan MBs received a same frame twice

Question asked by yuanlijun on Apr 23, 2018
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I am using can bus for three can nodes' datas transmission. Two can nodes' are MCF54418 with the SN65HVD230(3.3V), And the third can node is MCF5213 with the PCA82C250(5V).
My datas transmission design as following:
1) Two 54418 can nodes's named A and B, the 5213 can node named C;
2) The can speed is 1Mbps;
3) A Send a can short frame to C interval 10ms, and C reply a short frame to A immediately;
A->C frame: 88 01 04 01 40 a1 06 54 3f 00 00 a0 7e
C->A frame: 88 04 01 04 10 75 06 54 3f c9 3e f0 d5
4) B send a can short frame to C interval 100ms, C receive but don't reply to A;
B->C frame: 88 20 04 00 40 a1 06 00 00 00 08 91 44
5) The can frame priority that A send to C and C reply to A are 0(highest), B send to C is 1;


Here happend a problem with above system: While A and B send can frame to C at the same time(then C reply to A), the A Flexcan MBs will receive the same can frame twice which replied from C, but actually, C just replied one can frame to A(I monitored the can bus data with another device). And the two same frame's receive time are very nearly,just 20-30us.


Do you need any other information?


Looking forward to your help,Thinks.