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Problem of access FIFO of CTU with it works at dual conversion mode

Question asked by Max Lee on Mar 22, 2018
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I'm trying to test the FlexPWM- CTU-ADC program. I configured the CTU for triggering on FlexPWM MRS and generate the Trigger0 to send 3 ADC dual conversion commands, and the results are saved in FIFO0. I set the threshold of FIFO0 to 5 and enable the FIFO0 overflow interrupt. Here is my code.


Configuration of CTU

#define CTU0_TGSISR 0x00000001 /* Input 0 Rising Edge Enable - FlexPWM0_MRS */
#define CTU0_TGSCR 0x0000          /* Triggered Mode */
#define CTU0_T0CR 0x0000             /* ADC and SGEN - same time with MRS*/
#define CTU0_TGSCCR 0x3E80       /* TGS Counter Compare Value - 16000 DEC - 100us */
#define CTU0_CLCR1 0x00000000   /* Trigger 0 Commands List 1st command address */
#define CTU0_THCR1 0x00000065   /* T0_E - T0_T2E - T0_ADCE */
#define CTU0_COTR 0x0064             /* Control ON-Time and Guard Time for external trigger */
#define CTU0_CTU0CR 0x0003         /* General Reload Enable - TGS Input Selection Register Reload Enable */
#define CTU0_CLR0 0x218B              /* PhaseA current ADC0_CH11 - PhaseB current ADC1_CH12 - FIFO_0 */
#define CTU0_CLR1 0x21C1              /* DC bus current ADC0_CH1 - DC bus voltage ADC1_CH14 - FIFO_0 */
#define CTU0_CLR2 0x20C0              /* Resolver sin ADC0_CH0 - Pot ADC1_CH6 - FIFO_0 */
#define CTU0_CLR3 0x4000               /* Last command */
#define CTU0_FTH 0x0005                 /* FIFO_0 threshold is 5 to accept 6 ADC results */
#define CTU0_FCR 0x0004                 /* FIFO 0 threshold overflow interrupt enable */


void FIFO0_ISR(void)
SIUL2.GPDO[42].R = 1;
uint32_t fifo_status;

fifo_status = CTU_0.FST.R & 0xf;

if (fifo_status == 4) // if overflow
Result[0] = (uint32_t)CTU_0.FR[0].R;
Result[1] = (uint32_t)CTU_0.FL[0].R;
Result[2] = (uint32_t)CTU_0.FR[0].R;
Result[3] = (uint32_t)CTU_0.FL[0].R;
Result[4] = (uint32_t)CTU_0.FR[0].R;
Result[5] = (uint32_t)CTU_0.FL[0].R;
FlexPWM_0.SUB[0].VAL3.R = (uint16_t)(Result[5] & 0xfff);      // use the value of pot to change the duty of PWM

FlexPWM_0.MCTRL.B.LDOK = 0x7;

CTU_0.CR.B.GRE = 1; // CTU General Reload Enable

if (fifo_status == 8) // if overrun
CTU_0.FST.R = 8; // clear overrun flag

SIUL2.GPDO[42].R = 0;


According to my configuration, there will be 6 ADC results saved in CTU_FIFO0 every time the overflow interrupt happened. And the last result entered in FIFO0 should be the value of the Pot(PE12).


When I debug the project, I find the FIFO0_FR0 has the result of ADC0_CH11 and FIFO0_FL0 has the result of ADC1_CH12, these are conform to my configuration. And somehow I found the overflow flag, overrun flag and full flag of FIFO0 are all set via the EmbSysRegister. And the PWM duty didn't change as I want.


I don't know whether I read the FIFO correctly. I'm quite confused about this FIFO and I want to know whether there are some methods to check the correctness of my code.


Thanks for any help.


Best regards,

Max Lee