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Callback when NHS3100 NDEF tag has be read.

Question asked by Jean-Christian de Rivaz on Mar 27, 2018
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I successfully use a NHS3100 to let a PN7150 read in loop a dynamic NDEF tag as fast as possible without disabling the NFC field. The dynamic NDEF tag is created inside the NHS3100 from externals sensors readout that can change quickly (10ms).  I need a way to know when the NDEF tag inside the NHS3100 has been read from the PN7150 so some important states will (normally) not be lost.  The NHS3100 datasheet list that:

- interrupt 11 correspond to RFID/NFC external access.

- interrupt 13 correspond to RFID/NFS access detected.

But the ndeft2t.c file from LPCXpresso only allow NDEFT2T_MsgAvailable_Cb() callback that is useless in my application since the PN7150 always only read NDEF tag from the NHS3100.


How can I get a callback each time the NHS3100 NDEF tag has be read from the  PN7150 ?


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