• EMEA Freescale Cup Finals - Information about Challenges

    As we come really close to meet in Paris for the Freescale Cup finals on 26-27 March at the ESIEE: here are a few more details about the 3 challenges that have been posted:   Challenge 1: Start/Stop line: There ...
    Flavio Stiffan
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  • Possibility of participation 2013/2014

    Hello,      I saw this video with self-balancing car https://community.freescale.com/videos/1254 from China and I was wondering, if it's possible to participate next season with this type of car o...
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  • Line sensor

    What kind of sensor can be used as line sensor in Europe ? Is it possible to use for example VGA camera ?
    Juraj Kostal
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  • Trigonometric functions in CodeWarrior

    Hello, I have problem with trigonometric functions on MPC5604B board. I've found something on this link http://cache.freescale.com/files/soft_dev_tools/doc/ref_manual/EWL_C_Reference.pdf , but it don't work. Can yo...
    lukas hrecko
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  • H-bridge

    Hello, I want to ask, if it is ok to use as H-bridge mosfets IRF7343 (there is P-channel and N-channel mosfet in one package) and between control board and it mosfets drivers MAX4427? We are not sure about the rule 3....
    Tomas Docekal
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  • new engines

    After a few serious tests on the racing track some of our dc motors gone broken. We tried contact the chines enterprise twice, but they didn't reply. Where can we buy the right dc motors quickly, especially in Europ...
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  • spare parts on the cup

    Some of our parts, like the usb port of a tower, or the dc engines (see my other post in the forum), are either damaged or aren't going to work anymore. For the cup in Paris, do we have to take some extra parts or an...
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  • mandatory challenges

    As I understand each team has to participate at the mandatory challenges (Start-Stop, Obstacle Avoidance) before the final competition. What happen if the team could not accomplish successfully one of these challenges...
    Catalin Bujdei
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  • push a button after the first round

    is it allowed to push a button after the first round on the final in order to increase the speed of the car?
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  • other wheels

    are other wheels than the original ones allowed?
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  • Battery

    The TFC Global Rules state that the battery to be used in the race should be a NiMH 7.2V, 2400mAh. It was not included in the kit and local suppliers don't seem to have it available. Are any other batteries with a lo...
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  • Registration Freescale Cup 2013

    Hi,   it is possible to register to free scale? Or is it too late? :-(      Thanks for reply
    Filip Procházka
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  • Processor boards

    Hello !   I see in the rules document, at Appendix A :   The current processing boards allowed for the 2012-2013 Season are: • TRK-MPC5604B • TWR-K40X256-KIT       Can we use ...
    Vlad Sandulean
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  • Are we allowed to build our own control board?

    Hello, I'm a little bit confused.  In rules (http://drives.feld.cvut.cz/freescalecup/download/The%20Freescale%20Cup%202013%20Rules.pdf) we can find: "The Microcontroller/Microprocessor Board from Freescale Semi...
    Maciej Gawron
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  • Interfacing the Kinetis board

    We just received first cars, unfortunately the kit contains the same interface board as previous year. It is designed to be interfaced with the Quorriva MPC controller board. Do you have any idea how to connect this m...
    Richard Balogh
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