• [NXP CUP] How to connect wheel encoders to the FMUK66

    Hello,   For the needs of a project, we want to use 2 wheel encoders on our car. I would like to know if there is a way to connect the ROB-12629 wheel encoders (referenced in the list of additional componen...
    Alexandre Sarazin
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  • DFRobot brushed kit

    Hello,   I've got a question about the 160A Brushed ESC. Here is the reference :1PCS High Voltage 160A 3S Dual Way Brush ESC 6 14V Speed Controller Spare Parts for HSP/HPI 1/18 1/16 RC Cars 370/380 Mo…...
    Alex Phonchareun
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  • How to set clock to 48Mhz (KL25Z4)

    Board: KL25Z4   Hey,    me and my team are having problems setting the clock from the default mode to 48 Mhz using the external crystal that the the board comes with.   I saw that there is a clock ...
    Frederik Rogge
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  • riotboard

    Does anybody know hwat happened to the riot board based on i.MX processors. It seems not to be available any more at e.g Element14 and so on. Many thanks in advance and kind regards, Herbert
    Herbert Schacherl
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  • TFC Shield Order

    Where can I order a FRDM TFC Shield from? No links appear to be working
    Nathan Churchill
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  • Using additional sensors

    Hi everyone!   Is it allowed to use such IMU sensors as MPU6050/9150 without using their MotionApps DMP? As far as I know, they don't use internal processor for reading raw data. Also, can I use an optical flo...
    Borys Tymchenko
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  • Is a board with i.MX6 authorised for the Freescale Cup EMEA?

    I had an interesting question today about using a UDOO Neo board instead of the Kinetis board on the Freescale Cup car for the EMEA 2016 challenge. The i.MX6 product family is a processor whereas the rules specify to ...
    Flavio Stiffan
    created by Flavio Stiffan
  • How to register to the freescale cup?

    Hello, I would like some details about the procedure for registering to the freescale cup. A part from acquiring the hardware. Details such as how to enlist the school in the competition and register the team. Thank ...
    Achraf Cherki El Idrissi
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  • electromagnetic interferences problems

    Hi all, We have many DC motors radiated electromagnetic interferences problems. The KL25 control board become a glitch factory when we increase the DC motor power. We tried all the possible solutions (filters, capacit...
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  • Searching for a Motor Drive Version-A Board

    Hi, our team is searching for the Motor Drive Version-A Board. We can't find it neither on the freescale homepage nor on other sides. Does anybody have this board and doesn't use it? We would be very appreciated to ...
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  • ServoMotor S3010

    Hello, At every start of our system, we notice that the ServoMotor isn't at the same position with the same command signal. So we can't find the command signal to go straight. Is it normal or not? Our ServoMotor is i...
    Thibault Ferrante
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  • Kinetis K40 simulator

    Hello. I wonder if is there some simulator available in CW 10.5. I know it is in old CW v6.3, but it's really outdated and Kinetis family isn't there. We are three for software development for TFC and we have just one...
    Vojtěch Vladyka
    created by Vojtěch Vladyka
  • Ligthning battery

    Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to use an auxiliary battery for lightening ? I thought it wasn't possible but i saw this topic : TFC Rule Clarification: Lighting And in one message it's wrote :   ...
    Thibault Ferrante
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  • Use of QTR-8RC

    Hello, I would like to know if we can use the QTR-8RC for the race, because Freescale doesn't sell it. Thanks
    Thibault Ferrante
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  • Can a car memorize the whole route?

    Hello, In the recent light of last finals I would like to clarify one specific ability of the car and a certain situation. My question is as follows: Can a car memorize the whole route or a part of it and use it to ...
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  • Car Body

    Hello, We want to participate this year in the Freescale Cup, and we were thinking about asking design students to make our Car Body , is it possible?   NXP Cup Rules by Region Section 2: Team Rules and Requir...
    Thibault Ferrante
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  • Kinetis K40 Course

    Is there a posibility to participate in the folowing course? Kinetis K40 Course When we are opening the link to the course, there's allways an error: we don't have the rights to open this page
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  • DC Motors

    Hello,   We want to participate this year at Freescale Cup, but using the old kit from last year. The problem is that the old kit have a broken motor, it's spins slower by 20%, so we have different cornering spe...
    Valeriu Balaban
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  • Line Scan Camera

    Can we also use an infinity number of line scan cameras?
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  • 2014 EMEA Freescale Cup sign up to start June 10th

    The next season of the Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) Freescale Cup will be launched on June 10th, 2013 with the sign up of the participating Universities.   Are you ready to engage in the Freescale Cup C...
    Flavio Stiffan
    created by Flavio Stiffan