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Frederik Rogge
Board: KL25Z4   Hey,    me and my team are having problems setting the clock from the default mode to 48 Mhz using the external crystal that the the board comes with.   I saw that there is a clock set up routine in the start up code (system_MKL25Z4.c and system_MKL25Z4.h) already given and that a routine will be executed based on the definition of… (Show more)
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Gerald Kupris
In the videos you can see the NXP Cup car (old model C type) avoiding a WHITE obscacle (white polystyrene cube or white snow, according to the current winter situation in Bavaria ;-) Best regards, Gerald Kupris Deggendorf Institute of Technology
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Matthias Wilkens
On this page you'll find: - All-new rules for season 2018/19. - Terms and conditions of participation - Privacy Amendmend
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Flavio Stiffan
This 66-pages document covers Model-C and has been updated for the Alamak car kit, thanks to Prof. Thierry Grandpierre involvement in the NXP Cup since its introduction in EMEA.  The course includes programming code examples for the FRDM-KL25Z (using CodeWarrior), speed control, steering management and detection of the tracks signage.   Document…
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