• Is it possible to use this controller for topology half bridge split-cap?

    For TEA19161T, from datasheet I cannot see HB split-cap. Is it possible to use this controller for topology half bridge split-cap? (pic below)
    Sutas Jaruwat
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  • How to Config to Implement the Android Triple-Display based on IMX6Q?

    Dear Sir :      Could you support the configation to implement the triple display in Android 4.4.3 based on imx6q ?      Or can you have a demo that can achieve the function r...
    brat zhang
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  • 求产品推荐

    倩文 李
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  • KSD编译器中函数调用的实现方式?

    while(1){   result = SD_ReadSingleBlock(0,read_buffer);   if(result == 0){       printf("read block succeed !\r\n");       //break;   }   else{ ...
    Tiphone Black
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  • SGTL5000 - Headphones Power Output.

    Hi All, I have two questions about SGTL5000   The specsheet (page 8) said the output power is  30mW under the following scenario: I2S IN -> DAC -> HEADPHONE OUT - 32Ω LOAD (VDDIO = 3.3V , VDDA ...
    Jorge Corado
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  • Driver MRFE6VS25N

    Dear Sir or Madam!   We are representing MRI Service Company, having our business in Russia. Our engineers are interested in using one of your RF Power Amplifier's models: It is MRFE6VP61K25H with Pre-driver...
    Igor Kotov
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  • MWO model for MRF6V10010N and MRF6V12500H

    I’d like to request MWO model of the following LDMOS -- MRF6V10010N -- MRF6V12500H Thanks..
    Ohnmar Kyaw
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  • How to use IPU to rotate the captured image before it is displayed at real-time (Linux)?

    Hi community,   When we use IPU to rotate the images,captured by USB camera or CSI camera, and display at real-time, there is a question.IPU can't process each frame before it is displayed. It can only process t...
    bin jiao
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  • How to debug mbed os on FRDM-K64F?

    I used yotta to build the mbed os example, and how to use KDS IDE to debug this example?   Or how to import the mbed os example project to the KDS?   If not, any other way to debug the mbed os?   ...
    aiping ye
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  • Where can I get a discreet or low cost 5W Wireless Power Receiver reference design or demo board?

    I've been looking around for a reference design of a discreet or low cost Wireless Power Receiver reference design on the Freescale website. I did find a document with regards to a receiver design which uses the Frees...
    Phillip Newman
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  • MC9S08AC60 in Codewarrier 10.6

    Hi,   I am creating a project with MC9S08AC60MFG (44-pin LQFP) Device with Codewarrier 10.6. But the device is not showing in the MCU Dropdown menu. It shows the 64-Pin Devices only. Please suggest the solution....
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  • Download elf file

    Hello, I bought a developpment kit FRDM - KL02 and I've compile " hello_word_frdmkl02 " with Kinetis Design Studio program. How to download .elf file generated by the KDS compiler to my kit through OPENSDA. thanks f...
    DANIEL Romuald
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    I use the Example-TRK-MPC5604P-ADC program,I input a square wave by signal generator,then the MPC5604p output  is still a square wave,not a impulse signa.     output like this:
    Chen Wang
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  • not able to download videos

    can anyone help me in downloading videos from the site https://community.freescale.com/docs/DOC-95170 i am not able to downlaod from any of the online download managers. please help
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  • checksum error while building image for imx6qsabresd

    I am trying to build image for imx6qsabresd. I am facing below check-sum error. How to resolve this..plz help me..   WARNING: Checksum mismatch for local file /home/roche01/fsl-yocto-3.10.53-1.1.0/downloads/fi...
    chandra shekar
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  • Which ASIL Level fits for the MPC5634M Microcontroller ?

    Could Anyone specify whether the MPC5634M controllers suited for ASIL D as per ISO26262 FUNCTIONAL SAFETY ...?
    Surendhar B
    created by Surendhar B
  • Synchronization issue in DMA of MPC56

    Hello  Folks, I am facing below issue with DMA and UART on MPC5646C, any help would be appreciated. I am using 2 UART channels on MPC5646C for communication with other devices. I have configured UART1 RX/TX to...
    Meedan Deys
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