WEBINAR: Building Embedded Vision Applications with MATLAB and NXP Vision Toolbox for S32V

Created by Toño Hernández Employee on Sep 12, 2018

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at https://goo.gl/KwMsEq

Starts at 6:00 AM · Ends at 7:00 AM, MST (America/Phoenix)

  • Toño Hernández
  • agostino facotti

Learn how to use MATLAB™ for developing embedded vision algorithms using the free-of-charge NXP Vision Toolbox



Our dumitru-daniel.popa and Brian McKay from MathWorks will demonstrate an automated path to production implementation on NXP S32V processors.

They will use Face Detection and Lane Detection application demos to show the modeling and simulation functions for an embedded target and highly optimized code within the Vision Toolbox for MATLAB.


REGISTER TODAY and implement ADAS vision applications using MATLAB and Embedded Coder for NXP S32V.

The webinar will be live broadcasted in three different times to fit your schedule: 8 am CDT, 1 pm CDT, or 8 pm CDT

MATLAB and NXP Vision Toolbox for S32V