Programming a TWR-KW2x board using OpenSDA (miniUSB) port

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The TWR-KW2x board's OpenSDA is programmed with MSD (Mass Storage Device) application, that's why you see it listed as a disk drive.

With that firmware, you can drag/drop .bin and .srec files to the board and that would flash it, but you won't be able to debug.


For the boards to support download/debug features, the firmware for the OpenSDA had to be the Debug App ("DEBUG-APP_Pemicro_v108.SDA").


But PEMicro released a new firmware which supports BOTH functionality in the same firmware. You can also find it latest OpenSDA firmware at


For example: Firmware that supports Debug and MSD functionality for TWR-KW24D512: "MSD-DEBUG-TWR-MKW24D512_Pemicro_v114.SDA".


You can find attached the document with the instructions to modify the OpenSDA firmware on the TWR boards, basically you have to:

1. Unplug the board

2. Insert a Jumper in J30 to put the device in Bootloader mode

3. Plug in the board (Mini-USB)

4. Device will be enumerated as a "Drive Disk" But now with a "Bootloader" label

5. Drag and Drop the .SDA firmware to the drive (MSD-DEBUG-TWR-MKW24D512_Pemicro_v114.SDA)

6. Unplug the board

7. Remove Jumper

8. Plug in the board (Mini-USB)


Now you should see the board being enumerated as "OpenSDA - CDC Serial Port" (allowing you to download/debug) and also listed as a disk drive(allowing you to drag/drop images to the board).


Note1: If the "OpenSDA - CDC Serial Port" driver is not recognized, you can locate the driver within the TWR's Disk Drive (MSD)

Note2: Jumper has to be in place in J29 for debugging


Hope this info is helpful.

You can find additional information on  --> Downloads -> Board Support Package  AND BeeKit Wireless Connectivity Toolkit

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