Q&A: Is it difference on i.MX6 Ethernet data on Solo and the Dual/Quad?

Document created by Yixing Kong Employee on Sep 23, 2013
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Two boards are used and practically identical - one using the i.MX6Solo, the other is using a Dual.


The sw settings in both cases are identical (except IOMUX addresses). On the i.MX6Solo they do not see

any packet loss, on the i.MX6Dual they do. I recommended modifying the MTU size, but this also did not help.


So here my two questions:

1)      is there still some hw difference between the Ethernet block on the Solo and the Dual/Quad?

2)      They run the AHB at only 100MHz. Could that be a problem? If not, why do the two chips behave

so differently?


To increase the AHB clock to 133 MHz.appears to solve the packet corruption issue. Is the 100 MHz AHB clock really the root cause.



The DualLite/Solo and SoloLite contain different ethernet controllers.


The DL/S has a 1000M controller which requires the AHB bus to be greater than 125MHz, while the SL has a 100M controller.


As the question was about the Solo and the Dual and both use the Gigabit Ethernet block I assume that both will require

a minimum AHB clock of 125MHz.