Q&A: i.MX6 JTAG reset

Document created by Yixing Kong Employee on Sep 10, 2013
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After a JTAG Reset with his GHS MULTI Probe on i.MX6 Hardware, read the SRC_SRSR register the corresponding reset source bits (JTAG reset) are not set.

The contents:

SRSR = 0x1

     WARM Boot = 0x0

     jtag_sw_rst = 0x0

     jtag_rst_b = 0x0

     wdog_sw_rst = 0x0

     ipp_user_reset_b = 0x0

     cpu_reset_b = 0x0

     ipp_reset_b = 0x1


Tried to reproduce this with my DSTRAM probe, and issued a "reset reset.system" command in DS-5 Debugger but Program Counter stays at current vaule.

Obviously my SRSR bits don't change either.



Seems " jtag_rst_b" is a HW reset, please check the connection between JTAG port and i.Mx6 JTAG_TRST pin. And confirm the waveform on rest pin when JTAG reset run.