i.MX51 WinCE6 NAND Fast Boot with BINFS Support

Document created by Justin Jiang Employee on Sep 4, 2013
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In traditional file system, the WinCE image is a signal file “NK.NB0”/”NK.BIN”. And when using NAND flash for storage, since it can’t support XIP, the total “NK.NB0” need be copied into RAM before running. The EBOOT will do this copy. In this way, there are two main shortages: Long boot time and big size RAM requirement. If the WinCE image is big (Included more features), these issues will be critical.

The BINFS can fix those two issues fine. It gave the chance to use 32MB RAM run 64MB WinCE image, this can cost down the final products.

In BINFS file system, the final WinCE image will be divided into multi-BIN files, and only the XIPKERNEL BIN (Less than 7 MB) need be copied into RAM by EBOOT. The files in other BIN will work with demand paging mode. These files will be loaded into RAM only when they need run.