Q&A: How to make MX53 splash screen working on QSB's VGA?

Document created by Yixing Kong Employee on Aug 23, 2013
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MX53 u-boot doc to enable the splash screen and went through Re: MX53 u-boot Splash Screen support

but I can't seem to get the splash working on the VGA output. 


FSL do not have solution / recommendations for VGA splash screen under U-boot.

Only LVDS is supported.

Typically, the Uboot bootloader does not interact with any display interface

and does not have a splash screen displaying capability. To add this feature to

Uboot on i.MX5 platform, the IPU driver should be included into the Uboot code.

Looks like we do not have ready to use solution for the LCD.

As an example for LCD configuring it makes sense to use LCD settings from Linux driver.


Another approach - to use Linux (Penguin) logo (assuming Linux is booted quickly after U-boot) -

at least, Linux supports more display drivers and its logo using is specified.


follow up question is since the Tux the penguin logo is only 80x80 is it possible to make a larger image for the Linux start up logo?

yes, you should configure kernel for the new image on make menuconfig


That doesn’t help this H/W guy, but I think this may - https://community.freescale.com/thread/304300    look for  “#To change the splash screen of linux kernel (small penguine on top left corner)..“