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i.MX Device
LeoDemo uImage for iMX257 does not support EXT3 filesystem2/May2013257L2.6.31_09.12.00_SDK_images_MX25For some reason the demo uImage does not support EXT3 filesystems (ext2 is not good for SD cards). kernel has to be recompile with this feature.
Xiscostart-weston command doesn't work when running from SD card. Only from NFS3/may/20136RC3.

When compiling rootfs with LTIB, there is a problem that /tmp is tmpfs but keeps the size as 512k, far from common program running requirement, and it's full when system boots up.


When executing start-weston script it needs to write to /tmp and it fails. Only happens with LTIB built BSP.


$ mount -t tmpfs /tmp /tmp



Should be run before executing start-weston

XiscoPorting OpenGL ES2 cpp apps for i.MX67/may/20136RC3.

When porting OpenGL ES2 cpp apps that were written for i.MX53, you will find an error saying that the function :


fbGetDisplay()   needs more arguments.


All that is needed to fix this error is to change the function to:




And you will be able to compile your app.

LeoStand-alone MFG and Android MFG are not the sameWed May 15 12:15:17 CDT 20136JB4.2.2_1.1.0In case you want to flash Android, use the MFG inside the source code tarball and not the stand-alone (the one found directly on the SW & Tools tab). Seems that it takes some time for both to be sync (the same)
Leogst-ffmpeg plugins is brokenThu May 16 13:31:44 CDT 20136RC3. patch should be applied to gst-ffmpeg code

Original Attachment has been moved to: 0001-gstffmpegdemux.c-Remove-deprecated-flow-macros.patch.zip