NXP Support Commitment to i.MX Partners

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Dear i.MX Partners,


The i.MX  technical support team understands the importance of supporting effort towards establishing a vast and valuable ecosystem for i.MX products.  We are here to help you!  If you have technical questions or encounter problems in the use or development of an i.MX product, please use the following procedure to submit a discussion in the i.MX  Community, and receive priority attention. 


In order to be recognized as one of our valued partners, we require that you make your company name visible to “Everyone” in your member profile2 and add two separate tags1 to every discussion you create:

  • The word “partner”
  • <Your company‘s name>


Partner support requests will be escalated to i.MX Support team on a high-priority3 basis.  Valid support requests include questions about, or problems encountered on, our standard products, e.g., BSP, documentation or development platforms.


This invitation is open to all current NXP/i.MX  partner companies, including members of NXP Connect and those in the i.MX Partner Program.  In order to facilitate a clear escalation path, Please use @mention4 to notify your NXP contacts5, so they are aware of your request and can track the status of your issue”


For questions or issues that contain sensitive or confidential information: Create a discussion in the i.MX Community that generically describes the issue or question, and request private support.  A “Private Discussion” (PD) will be initiated by a technical support representative assigned to your issue, and sent to you and any contacts you have @mentioned4.  The discussion and response will take place in the PD, invisible to the public.  Upon issue closure, the partner is expected to generically summarize the problem and solution in the original public discussion for the benefit and general education of the community on the issue.


Thank you!

NXP Support Community




  1. TAGS are free-form text you can enter in the space designated for tags, or in the body of a discussion prefaced by “#”. For more information, please search for “tags” in the community.
  2. This is done by clicking on the down-arrow icon next to your name in the top-right corner of any community page, selecting “Edit Profile & Privacy”, selecting the “Privacy Settings” tab, and then changing the Company Name visibility to “Everyone”.
  3. Your discussion will be escalated6 to an NXP support representative and assigned on a priority basis.  Priority will always be elevated above other community support requests and can be significantly higher based on your status with NXP and your company’s participation level in the i.MX community.
  4. @mention is a method where you type “@” followed by the community username of the person you would like to be notified.  For more information, please search for “@mention” in the community.
  5. Your NXP contact is a person most familiar with your support request.  It can be your relationship manager, or anyone who has familiarity with your activity.  This will be your inquiry and escalation contact.
  6. The escalation and assignment process occurs through a private (invisible) process.  The assigned person will contact you directly if additional information or discussion is required. At this time it is not our standard practice to communicate the assignment.  Please use the NXP contact(s) who were @mentioned4 in the discussion to provide a status of the issue.  The original discussion will remain in the public community as an opportunity for others to contribute.