Meet the DDRV tool! (BETA)

Document created by Monica Arvizu Employee on Oct 2, 2012
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It has finally been released the BETA version for the Double Data Rate RAM Memory Validation Tool (DDRv) for Processor Expert applications!


What is this software all about? Well, it mainly helps you with the challenging tasks of tuning and cetering your settings when working with double data rate, so it enables your settings to work with multiple clock cycles.


Explaining it furtherly, in the world of DDR, there are many settings for which the DDR will pass all tests and work on the test bench. However, a setting that worked on the test bench may be only 1/8 (or less) clock cycle from not working in your application, for example. This is what most of us would call a “skinny margin”.


desk.jpgThe DDRv tool will help you find all the settings that work, display them on a visual map allowing you to then select a setting that provides as much margin between working settings and non-working settings in your application.


This process can be extremely difficult to do and generally requires specialized software running large exhaustive tests on very large memories. As you run these tests, you need to vary each setting against other varying settings – basically setting up a geometric progression that is very time consuming, complex and fraught with problems.


Furthermore, you must track what worked, what didn’t work, and then have some way to make sense from all that data. But guess what? The DDRv tool does this for you! Of course this means saving time and efforts, making it all easier and quicklier!X_a9c60339_large


The features:

  • Works seamlessly with Freescale QorIQ Configuration Suite
  • Help you set the following VERY sensitive and VERY critical settings:
    • Active termination values (Read and Write)
    • Clock Adjust Value
    • Clock Delay Value
  • Select DDR tests to utilize
  • Control ordering of testing
  • Drill-down on errors
  • Eclipse Plug-in ( Eclipse 3.6 and newer )



Wanna give it a try already? Follow this link and download the DDRV BETA!