Home Health Hub Reference Platform 

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Freescale’s comprehensive home health hub (HHH) reference platform is designed to speed and ease development for emerging telehealth applications using seamless connectivity and data aggregation to provide remote access and improved healthcare management. It provides multiple connectivity options to obtain data from commercially available wired and wireless healthcare devices such as blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, weight scales, blood glucose monitors, etc. The HHH reference platform incorporates broad capabilities so that design engineers have flexibility in their next generation remote monitoring designs.

In addition to connectivity for collecting data from healthcare devices, the HHH reference platform also provides connectivity to take action with the collected data by sharing it through a remote smart device with a display such as a tablet, PC or smartphone or through the Cloud. This connectivity gives the person being monitored and caregivers (including family, friends and physicians) a way to track and monitor health status as well as provide alerts and medication reminders. Most importantly, this interface delivers a real-time connection to caregivers to bring ease of mind and offers comfort and safety to the person being monitored.



  • Automatic reporting of vital sign measurements
  • Cloud connectivity and secure integration into medical vaults
  • Pervasive mobile device access
  • Daily activity alarms, security alarms and passive monitoring of safety sensors for early detection of injury or security risks
  • Anytime consultation with monitoring center, medical staff, family and friends
  • Anytime and intuitive access to trusted health resources
  • Compelling user interface for a remote display