CodeWarrior for StarCore: Profiling and Analysis tools

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The CodeWarrior Development Studio provides a common interface for developing, debugging, and analyzing your applications. The project-oriented Workbench window provides numerous perspectives containing views, editors, and controls that appear in menus and tool bars. After creating a project, build your application, define a launch configuration, and then wait for data collection and data display.


CodeWarrior Profiling and Analysis Tools provide visibility into an application as it runs on the simulator and hardware. This visibility can help you understand how your application runs, as well as identify operational problems.


The CodeWarrior Profiling and Analysis tool set to develop software for Freescale StarCore DSP processors make it easy to collect the data. The following are the basic features of this tool:


• The basic setup can be done using the Trace and Profile tab in the Debug launch configuration

• The advanced setup can be done using the Advanced Settings panel; complex configurations can be defined for the Debug and Profiling Unit (DPU), Virtual Trace buffer (VTB), and On Chip Emulator (OCE)

• Data files can be shared between teams

• Fast trace collection through High Speed Simultaneous Transfer (HSST) and SmartDSP HEAT (Host Exchange over Asynchronous Transfer)

Displays trace buffer content on Attach to Process

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