Contributing to the Component Exchange

Document created by James Trudeau Employee on Sep 9, 2012
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The whole idea of a community is sharing, and the component exchange is the focus for that. Processor Expert Software is all about reusable components. You can use the Component Development Environment to create complete components, typically as .upd files. You may package these up with documentation or other ancillary files in a zip file.


You can use the PEx tools to export components or sets of components configured for particular hardware or use cases. Some components have dozens if not hundreds of properties, and preconfiguring them for particular situations can be extraordinarily useful, save a lot of work, and help someone avoid a lot of pain. You can export these as .pef files. You can save entire board configurations this way as .peb files.


All of these - .upd, .pef, and .peb files are excellent contributions to the Component Exchange.


We have created a category within the community for this purpose, and this purpose only. When you upload a component, categorize it as belonging in the Component Exchange category. Please limit items categorized this way to actual Processor Expert components (.upd, .pef, .peb files packaged up as you see fit).


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.


1: Upload a file



2: Describe, categorize, and tag it

In the description, provide useful information - if there are architectural or distribution limitations for example.


Remember, we reserve this category for the sole purpose of identifying components we share in the exchange. You can set tags to assist others who are searching. Other members can narrow their search by simply picking the Component Exchange category, and then search based on tags. It's that easy.



3: Publish it

Click the publish button at the bottom, and you're done. Your contribution to the community is greatly appreciated.


Note that all of the components can be rated and reviewed. PLEASE DO! The more we tell each other what's good, the better off we all are.