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DescriptionImplements a wrapper to the Percepio SE FreeRTOS+Trace library. See this blog post.
DependenciesFreeRTOSTrace, FreeRTOS v1.095 or later


(c) Copyright Percepio AB, 2012
http :
mail :
Processor Expert port: Erich Styger, 2012

* Terms of Use
* This software is copyright Percepio AB. The recorder library is free for
* use together with Percepio products. You may distribute the recorder library
* in its original form, including modifications in trcPort.c and trcPort.h
* given that these modification are clearly marked as your own modifications
* and documented in the initial comment section of these source files.
* This software is the intellectual property of Percepio AB and may not be
* sold or in other ways commercially redistributed without explicit written
* permission by Percepio AB.