Technical Report Continental Training Requirements 

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Section 10: Technical Report Continental Training Requirements 

Technical reports will be reviewed and rated by the experts invited by the organizing

committee of the event. Technical reports should be clear with detailed text, diagrams,

and bibliography. Technical reports must contain a brief description of major concepts

and specific technical implementation schemes for design and production of car models


1. Description of mechanical design of car model

2. Description of control circuit design

3. Description of the electronics design

4. Description of control software design

a. SW architecture and module interaction block diagram.

b. SW Design per module.

c. All code source files and project files.

i. Module naming conventions should be observed.

ii. Use of version control tool (e.g. subversion) must be observed, repository

delivery is required. 

iii. Use of variable naming conventions must be observed.

iv. Use of scheduler must be observed.

5. Total weight and dimensions of the reengineered car

6. Power consumption

7. Count and type of sensors used

8. Number of servo motors besides the existing driving motors and rudder motors of the

car model

9. Written in English

10. Formatted for either Microsoft Word or PDF

11. ZIP file with version control tool repository.

12. Submitted via email to the Freescale contact two weeks prior to the race upon

arrival at the final competition, each team must submit a CD, complete with the

University Name and Team Name, with the following content:

a. The Technical Report previously submitted via email.

b. A technical update document reporting changes or improvements in the car

prototype and software since the technical report was submitted.

c. All related raw documents like mechanical design, circuit design, and MCU

software project of car models.