The PROGDSC tools utilization

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The PROGDSC tools utilization


The PROGDSC tools is PE tools from PEMicro company, which can be used to download code to on-chip flash via JTAG port. The supported device includes Multilink Universal device and OSJTAG which the MC56F83000-EVK board has integrated.

The supported DSC families include:

DSP56800E core family:

MC56F8000 family: MC56F8006, MC56F8013, MC56F8014, MC56F8037…

MC56F83xx family: MC56F8323, MC56F8322, MC56F8345, MC56F8346…

MC56F82xx family:MC56F824x, MC56F825x…


DSP56800EX core family

MC56F84xxx family:MC56F84789, MC56F84553..

MC56F82xxx family: MC56F82748, MC56F82723

MC56F83xxx family: MC56F83789…

For detailed inf, pls refer to the attached doc.