Integrating the OTAP Service into a Bluetooth LE Peripheral Device - KW36

Document created by Edgar Eduardo Lomeli Gonzalez Employee on Jun 2, 2020
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Over The Air Programming (OTAP) NXP's custom Bluetooth LE service provides the developer a solution to upgrade the software that the MCU contains. It removes the need for cables and a physical link between the OTAP client (the device that is reprogrammed) and the OTAP server (the device that contains the software update). This post explains how to run the OTAP Client Software that comes within the FRDM-KW36 package: Reprogramming a KW36 device using the OTAP Client Software.

As it is mentioned in the last post, the OTAP Client can reprogram the KW36 while it is running, with new software using Bluetooth LE. However, this implementation for most of the applications is not enough since once you have reprogrammed the new image, the KW36 can not be reprogramed a second time using this method. For these applications that require to be updated many times using Bluetooth LE during run-time, we have created the following application note, that comes with a functional example of how to implement the OTAP Client software, taking advantage of this service. You can download the software clicking on the link in blue and the documentation is in the link in green.

Please visit the following link:

DOCUMENTS and Application Notes for KW36

In the "DOCUMENTS" section, you can found more information of the KW36. In the "Application Note" section, you can found more software and documentation of interesting topics like this. 




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