FRWY LS1046A TP Video Vault demo

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The LS1046A MPU capabilities to manage data are one of the cornerstones in its design, this makes it a perfect choice when the end-application is related to data network management. The Frame Management features enable the possibility to process big data files that later on can be distributed by the network. The LS1046A also offers up-to 3 PCIe 3.0 Lanes to connect-state-of-the-art wireless cards and one SATA 3.0 interface that can be used for high-speed storage purposes.



This demonstration belongs to a demo bundle of the FRWY LS1046A, it intends to showcase the performance of the board in different use cases regarding edge computing.
This demo provides the user an example of the LS1046A behavior when is used as a video streamer box over the QCA M.2 Wi.Fi. card. The user can access to the video vault by using a LAN infrastructure and reproduce any video in a tablet, smartphone or smart tv. Video streaming applications, centralize the highest workload in specific single or distributed systems, leaving the end-device a low demand workload. Having single-purpose systems allows an easier upgradable storage capacity, which translates to lower costs in these devices.

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