Data Logger for Temperature

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A data logger senses parameters such as temperature, processes this data and transmits it using UHF/Bluetooth LE. This data logger has NFC + UHF/Bluetooth LE temperature logging.

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NHS3100: NTAG SmartSensor with Temperature Sensor and Digital IOs | NXP 

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The NXP NHS3100 is an IC optimized for temperature monitoring and logging. its embedded NFC interface, internal temperature sensor, and direct battery connection. The NHS3100 includes multiple Power-down modes and a selectable CPU frequency of up to 8 MHz, for ultra-low power consumption.


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BLE Transceiver

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QN908x: Ultra-Low-Power Bluetooth Low Energy System on Chip (SoC) Solution | NXP 

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The QN908x is an ultra-low-power, high-performance and highly integrated Bluetooth Low Energy designed for human interface devices with a small capacity battery.


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UHF NFC Transceiver

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The UCODE I2C combines two independent UHF Interfaces (following EPC gen2 standard) with an I2C interface. Its large memory can be then read or written via both interfaces. This I2C functionality enables the standard EPC gen2 functionalities to be linked to an electronic device microprocessor.

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