Steering Angle Sensor

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Governing motion and speed, this domain is what makes an automobile move. Movement is based on inputs from the driver or the driver-substitute and can be modified based on personal preferences and environmental constraints, such as road conditions. The vehicle dynamics portion of this domain is where supporting subsystems, such as suspension and steering, ensure stability and a smooth ride.

Our angular sensors include magnetic field sensors, integrated amplifiers and programmable sensors.

NXP’s 16- and 32-bit single and dual-core automotive MCUs provide enhanced computing power and specialized peripherals for complex electric motor control functions. Integrated power supply solutions are also important elements of a power steering control unit.



  • BLDC motor commutation
  • Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
  • Steering angle measurement
  • Window wiper position detection
  • Contactless angle measurement
  • Quick response
  • High accuracy over wider temperature range


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Category Name 1:


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32-bit Automotive General Purpose MCUs | NXP 

Product Description 1

S32K MCUs combine multiple low power operating modes with autonomous, low power peripherals providing complete control over the dynamic and static power profiles.


Category Name 2:


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CAN/LIN SBC w/<Gen2 | NXP 

Product Description 1

The MC33903 works as an advanced power management unit for the MCU and additional integrated circuits such as sensors and CAN transceivers

Product URL 2

UJA1169LTK | Mini High-Speed CAN SBC | NXP 

Product Description 2

The UJA1169L is designed to be used in applications that require more than one transceiver or additional power supply resources.


Category Name 3:


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KMZ60 | Angle sensor with integrated amplifier | NXP 

Product Description 1

The MagnetoResistive (MR) sensor with integrated amplifier is designed for angular control applications and Brushless DC (BLDC) motors with even-numbered pole pairs.



Automotive Magnetic Sensors 



Vehicle Dynamics & Safety: Next-Generation Automotive Security Solutions 



S32K144EVB: S32K144 Evaluation BoardS32K144 Evaluation Board | NXP 
KIT33903BD3EVBE: Evaluation Kit - MC33903BD3, SBC Gen2 with CAN and LINEVK - MC33903BD3, SBC Gen2 with CAN and LIN | NXP