Biometric Authentication

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Biometric authentication devices use an MCU or MPU to perform biometrics with the integration of peripherals such as a PC or a wireless connectivity module to communicate with a certain database. Some examples of this functionality include secure access to personal or confidential information, control access to a certain location or secure money transactions.

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Category Name 1Microcontroller
Product URL 1Arm Cortex-M4|Kinetis K81 150 MHz 32-bit MCUs | NXP 
Product Description 1

The Kinetis K81 MCU offers advanced security capabilities including anti-tamper peripheral, boot ROM to support encrypted firmware updates, automatic decryption from external serial flash memory, AES acceleration, and hardware

support for public key cryptography. The K81 has a QSPI controller optimized for XIP from external serial NOR flash memories with support for quad and octal data interfaces.

Product link 2Arm Cortex -M4|Kinetis K82 150 MHz Secure MCUs | NXP 
Product Description 2The Kinetis K82 MCU contains automatic decryption from external serial NOR flash memory, hardware AES acceleration with sideband attack protection, and hardware support for public key cryptography. The K82 also features advanced security capabilities including boot ROM to support encrypted firmware updates.
Product link 3LPC55S6x|Arm Cortex-M33|32-bit Microcontrollers (MCUs) | NXP 
Product Description 3The LPC55S6x MCU introduces new levels of performance and advanced security capabilities including TrustZone-M and co-processor extensions. The co-processors extensions and leverages brings significant signal processing efficiency gains from a proprietary DSP accelerator offering a 10x clock cycle reduction.

Category Name 2Microprocessor
Product URL 1i.MX 6ULL Applications Processor | Single Arm Cortex-A7 @ 900 MHz | NXP 
Product Description 1The i.MX 6ULL is a power efficient and cost-optimized applications processor which operates at speeds up to 900 MHz and has a dedicated Security Block: TRNG, Crypto Engine (AES with DPA, TDES/SHA/RSA), Secure Boot and a 24-bit Parallel CMOS Sensor Interface module for multiedia processing.

Category Name 3Power Management IC
Product URL 112-channel configurable PMIC | NXP 
Product Description 1The PF3000 features a configurable architecture that supports numerous outputs with various current ratings as well as programmable voltage and sequencing. With a I2C interface and the 12 channel the PF3000 delivers a total power of 7.2 A.

Category Name 4BLE Transceiver
Product URL 1QN908x: Ultra-Low-Power Bluetooth Low Energy System on Chip (SoC) Solution | NXP 
Product Description 1The QN908x is an ultra-low-power, high-performance and highly integrated Bluetooth Low Energy designed for human interface devices with a small capacity battery.

Category Name 5LCD Driver
Product URL 1Universal LCD driver for low multiplex rates | NXP 
Product Description 1The PCF85133 is a peripheral device which interfaces to almost any Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with low multiplex rates up to 80 segments, compatible with most microcontrollers and communicates via the two-line bidirectional I²C-bus.

Category Name 612V Smart Power Amplifier
Product URL 1TFA9892|Smart Audio Amplifier | NXP 
Product Description 1The TFA9892 is very highly-efficient 12 V boost converter. It is equipped with a low-power CoolFlux DSP which runs an advanced algorithm for speaker boost and protection to bring high end audio quality into mainstream applications.

Category Name 7Multi-protocol NFC frontend
Product URL 1CLRC663 plus | High-performance multi-protocol NFC frontend | NXP 
Product Description 1The CLRC663 plus is a high-performance NFC Frontend with a low power consumption. ) The CLRC663 is the perfect choice for NFC applications with high-performance requirements like access control with authentication.

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