RDMMA7260Q_FALL_DETECTION: Human Fall Detection Reference Design Using MMA7260Q 3 Axis Accelerometer

Document created by Juan Rodarte Employee on Sep 25, 2019
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Human Fall Detection using 3-axis Accelerometer provides an implementation of human activity/fall detection mainly targeted for medical and security applications.This reference design is based on the 3-Axis accelerometer MMA7260Q, RF transceiver MC13192 and the Digital Signal Controller56F8013.

The idea is to provide information that helps determine if a person has suffered an accident (if the person has fallen and to provide information related to the fall to determine the magnitude and characteristics of the accident. This application could result extremely useful to the police, firemen, and elderly people.

Human Fall Detection using 3-axis Accelerometer is a modular architecture. The user is able to use Digital Signal Processing capability, wireless/serial communication interfaces, 3-axis sensing, external memory for data storage, plus the ability to reprogram the board with different applications with a JTAG interface.

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  • Three-axis low g accelerometer (MMA7260Q).
  • 2.4 GHz RF transceiver data modem for 802.15.4 applications (MC13192).
  • Digital Signal Controller (56F8013).
  • 9V Battery Operation, Serial communication Interface (RS-232),2 LED’s, 1 Buzzer and 2 Push-Buttons.
  • The Hardware for the Parallel Port to JTAG/EOnCE adapter can be found at: AXIOM MAN and the hardware for the Parallel to JTAG/OnCE Interface providing low cost migration path from the DSP56F800DEMO board to your target hardware  at SEG13LLC.