iMX8QXP: Use JPEG decoder in M4 SDK

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iMX8QXP/iMX8QM have hardware JPEG decoder: The JPEG-D-X core. This is the example code to use this hw decoder in M4 SDK to decode JPEG files.




The attached "rear_view_camera_jpegdec.tar.bz2" is the updated source code for "SDK\boards\mekmimx8qx\demo_apps\rear_view_camera". It is based on SDK 2.5.1 for iMX8QXP MEK.

The "rear_view_camera_jpegdec.patch" is the modified code, it hasn't included the added "fsl_jpeg_dec.c" and "fsl_jpeg_dec.h".


The testing used two 256*256 JPEG files, they are RGB color space. We used followed commands to build them into flash.bin:

./mkimage_imx8 -soc QX -rev B0 -append ahab-container.img -c -scfw scfw_tcm.bin -m4 m4_rear_view_camera.bin 0 0x34FE0000 --data demo_rgb.jpg 0x84000000 --data demo_rgb2.jpg 0x84008000 -out flash.bin


If customer need change the JPEG resoluion, they can change them in file "fsl_jpeg_dec.h", APP_JPEG_SIZE_OF_KB is the JPEG file length in memory, aligned in KB.

#define APP_JPEG_WIDTH (256)
#define APP_JPEG_HEIGHT (256)
#define APP_JPEG_SIZE_OF_KB (32)

#define APP_JPEG_BUFFER (0x84000000)


To created RGB format JPEG file from RGB data, the customer can use linux unit test application "/unit_tests/JPEG/encoder_test.out".



Based on JEPG decoder, added DPU CSC support and render JEPG decoded video in overlay window.

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