Add a new shared memory region on Android Auto P9.0.0_GA2.1.0 BSP

Document created by Qiang Li - Mpu Se Employee on Jun 12, 2019Last modified by Qiang Li - Mpu Se Employee on Jul 28, 2019
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In new iMX8QM and iMX8QXP BSP, it had implemented hardware partition to split the resource and memory regions.

The default Android Auto BSP had given example for shared memory between M4 and A core, it is used for RPMSG.


Here is an example to add a new shared memory for iMX8QXP MEK board with Android Auto P9.0.0_GA2.1.0 BSP, which can be accessed in both M4, Uboot and Linux Kernel. The new shared memory region is from 0xF6000000 to 0xFDFFFFFF, total 128MB, it covers the RPMSG region too. RPMSG shared memory is moved to 0xF6000000 ~ 0xF6BFFFFF, total 12MB.



SCFW patch for board file to change the old shared memory region (0x90000000~0x90BFFFFF) to new shared memory region (0xF6000000~0xFDFFFFFF).

This patch is applied to android_build/vendor/nxp/fsl-proprietary/uboot-firmware/imx8q_car/board-imx8qxp.c, after patched, copy this file to SCFW porting kit and build out a new SCFW image, put it to "android_build/vendor/nxp/fsl-proprietary/uboot-firmware/imx8q_car/mx8qx-scfw-tcm.bin".



This is the Uboot patch to map the shared memory region, if Uboot doesn't need access these memory, this patch is not needed.



This is the kernel patch to map the shared memory region.

Note: VPU reserved memory address shouldn't be changed, otherwise it will impact the VPU function. So the new reserved memory region had been moved to 0xF600000~0xFDFFFFFF.



M4 patch for RPMSG address changed from 0x90000000 to 0xF6000000.



1. In this example, we put the two shared memory regions together, then it will not split the memory region used in Linux. Another reason for such modification is the limitation of memory region counts in SCFW.

2. Since the RPMSG shared memory had been moved from 0x90000000 to 0xF6000000, the M4 code who used shared memory should also be changed.



2019-07-29 Update:

When "#define PHYS_SDRAM_2_SIZE  0x0" in Uboot, it will create a 0 size memory region, this will impact the Uboot shared memory patch. Added the "uboot_imx8_cpu.patch" to avoid such issue.