Seamless switch between Android/Linux and M4 core using dpu on imx8qxp/qm.

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This document is aimed to introduce seamless switch on rear view camera function in android P9 auto, and this can also be referenced for sharing dpu(display process unit) between A core and m4 core on imx8qxp/qm platform.



  • Android p9 auto beta. (linux needs some modifies).
  • SDK_2.5.1_MEK-MIMX8QX for m4 core.


Hardware platform:

  • imx8qxp/qm mek board
  • IT6263 lvds to hdmi cable.
  • max9286 deserializer board.
  • ov16035 camera.


Hardware block:




Imx8qxp dpu block, for imx8qm there are two dpus:



Android/Linux and M4 shared dpu path:


The switch function is done by framegen0 unit in dpu, framegen unit can select 7 modes:

  • primary src only
  • second src only
  • primary on second
  • second on primary
  • .....etc.

for more details, please refer to the kernel codes at include/video/dpu.h, fgdm_t type.


Seamless switch booting flow:



Patches contain three main parts:

  1. Linux kernel: remove init or configure codes of dpu units and lvds used by m4 core, add ui ready rpmsg pipe.
  2. M4 code: modify dpu pipes, add ui ready rpmsg handle.
  3. AOSP init.rc scripts: add sending ui ready message scripts.
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