S32DS - list of HOWTOs

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Installation & Activation

HOWTO: Install Lauterbach TRACE32 debugger plug-in into S32 Design Studio

HOWTO: Activate S32 Design Studio  

HOWTO: S32 Design Studio - Offline Install of Extensions and Updates 

S32DS Extensions & Updates: Explanation and How To Use 


Getting Started

HOWTO: S32 Design Studio - Create a New S32DS Project from Example 

HOWTO: S32 Design Studio - Create a New Application Project 

HOWTO: Create a simple blinking LED project using S32 Config Tool (S32V2xx) NEW!


Build tools & Standard libraries 

HOWTO: Build a Project and Setup a Debug Configuration for debugging in S32 Design Studio 

HOWTO: Add a static library file into S32 Design Studio GCC project

HOWTO: Link a binary file(s) into the application project using GNU build tools  


Debug  & Flash Programming

HOWTO: Setup S32V234 EVB for debugging with S32DS for Vision and Linux BSP 

Using GDB Server Monitor Commands from Eclipse GDB Console 

HOWTO: Setup static IP address for S32 debug probe 

HOWTO: Build a Project and Setup a Debug Configuration for debugging in S32 Design Studio 

Debugging the Startup Code with Eclipse and GDB | MCU on Eclipse 

HOWTO: Start Trace with S32 Debugger and S32 Debug Probe NEW!

HOWTO: Add a new debugger configuration to an existing project NEW!


S32 SDK & Other SDKs

HOWTO: Working with AMMCLib SDKs 

HOWTO: Add custom SDK into existing project 

Implementing FreeRTOS Performance Counters on ARM Cortex-M | MCU on Eclipse 


General Usage

HOWTO: S32 Design Studio Command Line Interface 

HOWTO: Generate S-Record/Intel HEX/Binary file 

HOWTO: Migrate Application Projects from S32DS for Vision 2018.R1 to S32DS 3.x 



Troubleshooting: PEmicro Debug Connection: Target Communication Speed 

Troubleshooting: Indexer errors on header file 

Troubleshooting: PEMicro Debugging: PIT and STM modules cannot count when Debug Mode is entered 

Troubleshooting: PEMicro Debugging: Problems resuming from breakpoint in vTaskDelay 

Troubleshooting: Quick Fix Option in Problems View 

Troubleshooting: S32 Design Studio exits unexpectedly or Installer rolls back immediately following activation code entry 

Troubleshooting: Activation fails with error message FNP ERROR 0