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You are a salesperson or FAE and are looking for ways to sell more Near-Field-Communication (NFC) products? This community provides ideas, information, and materials that help you to successfully sell more NFC products.





Use Cases

Convincing a customer of NFC starts with presenting clear use cases and benefits. Although the following use cases are already implemented in the market, not all customers know that they can benefit from NFC in these applications. Therefore, it is your opportunity to propose them to the customer!


Authentication, Automatic Configuration

"Everything which has consumables or accessories."



Configuration, Parametrization, Diagnosis, FW Update

"Replace DIP switches and service UARTs – control via an app without power."




"Easy pairing."



Access Control

"Card reading for the next generation of residential locks."




Training material

  • The complete training presentation “How to sell NFC” can be used for branch office training or for self-studying.
  • DFAE training for NFC: Get certified in the NFC domain. Learn how to build easy and convenient solutions for customers using NTAG tags and readers.
  • NFC Training and Support Catalog: In this catalog, you’ll find online training sessions that will enrich your knowledge of NFC products and how to use them.


Customer presentations


The NFC Cube is perfectly suited for a first NFC demo and demonstrates all use case principles. An instruction video as well as more information can be found here. If you need an NFC Cube, please ask your NXP DBM or


The Schneider Zelio timer relay is an excellent demo to show how NFC adds value for parameterization and diagnosis – basically replacing mechanical elements like DIP switches, rotary switches, or connectors. Search your local RS  shop or other electronics distributor for RENF22RMMW. Here are some selected links:

This NTAG 5 Demo Kit New is mainly targeted for sales and FAEs to show quick and easy functionality of NTAG 5 products to the customers. The kit is a combination of 3 boards in a single pack, one each for the switch, link, and boost products. 


The demo boards are enabled to show the product features either with the NFC cube or with AndroidTM and iOS apps available for free download in the respective App stores.

Link to ordering demo kit: OM2NTA5KIT

The Creative Muvo Mini speaker shows the easy pairing process of Bluetooth devices via NFC. It is available via sources like Amazon.


All listed collaterals are also available in printed form. Please reach out to your NXP DBM or DTRM.



Development Kits

The table lists all relevant development kits for your customers, which allow a quick evaluation as well as support design-ins.


NTAG I²C plus

  • NTAG I²C plus Explorer Kit
  • NTAG I²C plus Explorer Kit with NFC Reader
  • NTAG I²C plus Flex Antenna Kit
  • NTAG I2C plus Kit for Arduino Pinout


NTAG 5 Development Kits New

  • NTAG 5 Link and Switch development board
  • NTAG 5 Boost development board
  • NTAG 5 Demo Kit



  • PN5180 Eval Kit
  • PN5180 NFC Antenna Development Kit



  • PN7462 Eval Kit
  • PN7462 NFC Antenna Development Kit



  • PN7150 Arduino Kit
  • PN7150 BBB Kit
  • PN7150 RasPi Kit


CLRC663 plus

  • CLRC663 plus NFC Frontend Development Kit
  • CLEV6630ARD: NFC frontend CLRC663 plus Arduino interface board New
  • CLRC663 plus NFC Antenna Development Kit



LPC Link 2OM13054


Webinar Playlist

Design-in resources

NFC Software Support: Download NFC drivers/projects for many MCUs

Online NFC Antenna Design tool


Further Resources

NFC Webinars:

NFC Website:

NFC Community:

Demo Lab page for customers:


If you miss any material, have a suggestion how to improve this page or a general question, please contact





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