ArchLinux in Udoo board

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This document shows the steps for the creation of Archlinux and kernel 4.18.5 on the UDOO board.

Required material:

UDOO board, Ubuntu 16.04 and SD card.


Firts we need u-boot (universal bootloader), for that reason we need update the host.

$ sudo apt-get update


Then we need the file *.img and SPL for the file system

$ wget

$ wget



Kernel 4.18.5 and file system:

$ sudo mkdir archlinux

$ wget

$ sudo tar -xzvf  ArchLinuxARM-armv7-latest.tar.gz

$ sudo rm -rf *.tar.gz

You must have the following files


Now  We are going to burn the memory, we need a 16Gb of space:


We need to make sure it is empty

Then partitions:

$ sudo fdisk /dev/sdc






space, 8192




At the end the sdc is partition, then create the filesystem partition

$ sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdc1


The working directory

$ sudo mkdir mnt


mount the partition 1

$ sudo mount /devsdc1 mtn/


Now we where the kernel and filesystem are and copy all the file in mnt:

$ sudo cp -vr * ~/mnt/


Once it finish we execute

$ sync

then unmount the partition of sdc1:

$ sudo umount mnt/


Now is moment to load the SPL and u-boot:




$ sync


we retire the sd and turn on the board. Now you are on ArchLinux.



user: alarm                  root: Root

Pass: alarm                 pass: root


Now the firts thing we must do it is upgrade the keys:

$ pacman -key --init

$ pacman -key --populate archlinuxarm

$ pacman -Syyuu


We can add another user:

$ useradd - m -g user  -s /bin/bash user_name

$ passwd user_name

$ paman -S sudo

$ visudo


user_name ALL=(ALL) ALL

$ exit


For the graphic we are going to install the xorg:

$ sudo pacman -S xorg-server

$ sudo pacman -S xorg-apps


Now we can execute startx and observe the windows of xorg

$ startx


To have a windows gestor:

$ sudo pacman -S sddm

$ sudo pacman -S plasma kde-applications

$ sudo systemctl enable sddm


Reboot and you are ArchLinux graphics windows