A Bug exists in the KMS 1.2 SNLESSHALL project fixed with this update

Document created by Philip Drake Employee on Mar 26, 2018Last modified by Philip Drake Employee on Jun 6, 2019
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There was a bug in the KMS 1.2.0 SNLESSHALL reference projects when using torque mode.  


The drv.c file provided in the attachment is for the SNLESSHALL reference project.  


In the SNLESSHALL project, the goal is to start the motor using the Hall sensors but then transition into FOC.  It isn't intended to use the Halls for the complete speed range.


In this version, it now does the startup similar to sensorless velocity.  In that it will track the speed reference until it reaches the crossover speed ("Speed Threshold" in GUI), once the speed reference reaches the crossover speed it will transition into FOC and will run in torque mode as you expect.  If you want to speed up faster before getting into FOC, you can increase the acceleration and jerk of the speed profile before the transition into FOC.

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