Lightwing Open Multimedia UI Composition Engine for i.MX6

Document created by Clay Montgomery on Oct 17, 2017
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Open Multimedia UI Composition Engine and Platform


Build custom digital signs, video walls, touch-kiosks and 3D GUIs on the i.MX6 quickly.


Lightwing is a scriptable composition and presentation engine for rapidly deploying custom digital signs, interactive touch-kiosks and 3D GUIs on  hardware from many i.MX6 board vendors including the Wandboard Quad, SolidRun Hummingboard and Advantech.


Lightwing combines animated 3D objects, audio, video, text, touch controls, live RSS feeds and other dynamic data from the web. Content development and deployment is done using best-in-class open-source tools like ffmpeg, Blender, Notepad++, OpenSSH and WinSCP.


Lightwing delivers stunning, high-motion native 3D that grabs attention plus animated text, audio, video, JPEG, PNG images, shader effects and live web content – all without the complexity of web browsers, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 or Adobe Flash.


Lightwing runs on both Windows and Linux. Content is developed on Windows, then deployed to low-cost i.MX6 Linux players over a local network or over the web using secure OpenSSH.


Lightwing enables you to directly exploit the GPU and VPU accelerators on the i.MX6 through OpenGL ES 2.0, without the bloat and months of development time required for Qt, Android and browser platforms.




  • Native 3D, Images, Audio, Video and Animated Text
  • Built-in Page Transitions, Animations, Fonts and Effects
  • Dynamic Web RSS Feeds and CSV Data
  • Over 100 Image, Video and Font Shader Effects
  • Automatic Content Scaling and Rotation for Display Size
  • Best-in-Class Open Tools – Blender, ffmpeg, WinSCP, etc.
  • Highly Secure Remote Access via OpenSSH
  • Multi-Touch Swipe, Pinch, Zoom and Rotate Gestures
  • Touch Toggle Buttons and Tracking Controls
  • Yocto Open Embedded Linux – Kernel 4.1.15
  • Highly Portable and Lightweight C++



  • Digital Signs
  • Interactive Touch-Kiosks
  • Video Walls
  • RSS News Displays
  • Custom 3D GUIs
  • Automotive HMI


Lightwing is available on bootable MicroSD cards for individuals and schools and volume licensing for business partners for deployment world-wide. Let’s disrupt your industry!

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